What fees are associated with membership?

CDD and POA funds are used for operating and maintenance of the items listed in the Responsibilities section.  Both organizations are required to also have a reserve fund for large or unexpected expenses.           

Annual CDD Fees:

  • Assessed only on neighborhoods within the CDD area
  • Set according to type of dwelling (multi- vs. single-family)
  • Set in July by the CDD Board
  • Noted on the property tax statement*
  • Payable with property taxes*
  • Entitle households to use recreational facilities (additional activity fees may apply)
  • Persons who are not charged a CDD fee may use recreational facilities upon paying membership dues

Annual POA Fees:

  • Assessed on all property owners
  • Assessed equally**
  • Set in the annual budget planning and development process and approved by the Board of Directors
  • Assessment notices are mailed by the Property Manager in December
  • Payable in January

*Mortgage payments that collect property taxes include CDD taxes.  Otherwise, these taxes are assessed along with regular County taxes and are listed as a separate line item in the tax bill.

**See the POA website for current fee amounts.  Gated communities pay an additional assessment for property management, and condo fees if applicable. 

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