What's the difference between a CDD and a POA?

Julington Creek Plantation has two organizations that are responsible for community planning and asset maintenance:
The Community Development District (CDD) and
The Property Owners Association (POA).
The CDD is responsible for the main recreational facilities and for the common grounds along Race Track Road and State Road 13 that border our community. The POA is responsible for the rest of the common areas and for promoting compliance with community covenants. Each organization has a Board composed of property owners elected by their peers to oversee these respective functions.

The day-to-day operations of the CDD are performed by the employees in the CDD Business Office and Facilities Managers working from the Plantation Club. The governing body for the CDD is the CDD Board of Supervisors. It meets on the fourth Thursday of every month to review its business operations.

The daily management of POA responsibilities is performed by the Property Managers, currently contracted to Vesta Property Services. Vesta coordinates other contractors performing property maintenance, services property owner requests, and notes covenant infractions.  The governing body for the POA is the POA Board of Directors (BoD). It meets on the second Wednesday of every month to review operations, contractor reports, committee activities, and homeowner requests.  There are several standing committees and sub-committees that advise the Board of Directors. For BoD meetings and Committee information, you can contact the POA at (904) 503-4915.

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2. What's the difference between a CDD and a POA?
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