Assignment of Amenity Rights and Privileges


Instructions: This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Front Desk in order for amenity access privileges to be granted to any tenant. The form must be completed and signed by all owners and co-owners of the subject property and witnessed. Signatures of agents or property managers acting on behalf of the owner will not be accepted unless accompanied by a properly executed Power of Attorney document granting specific authority to sign the Owners’ names for this purpose. Upon acceptance of this properly completed document, any amenity access cards previously issued to the owner and their family members will be deactivated and listed tenants become eligible to apply for amenity access cards for the designated lease period. A fee of $5.00 per amenity access card issued is payable by cash or check at the time a card is issued. 

Agreement made this date (date of this agreement) ________________________ between the owners of the property located at:  _________________________________________, St. Johns, FL 

(property address)

 1. Owners of the Property, by their signatures below, attest the existence of a lawful tenancy with effective dates beginning (date)_____________________ terminating (date) ___________________. If length of tenancy is month to month or of an indefinite duration, this Assignment will only be effective for a three (3) month period and after that must be renewed. 

2. Owners wish to transfer the rights and privileges to the use and enjoyment of the amenities within the District to Tenants.

 3. Upon this transfer, Owners acknowledge their amenity access cards will be deactivated as of the date of such transfer.

 4. Upon this transfer, Tenants acknowledge they must obtain their amenity access cards from the District and that Tenants have received or have reviewed a copy of JCPCDD General Rules & Regulation, to which they agree to follow.

 5. Owners acknowledge that nothing in this assignment has any effect on their responsibilities as the Owners of the Property to timely pay all Julington Creek Plantation Community Development District fees and special assessments.

 6. Tenants acknowledge at the end of their tenancy, their amenity access cards will be deactivated as of the date their tenancy ends. In the case of a month to month tenancy or a tenancy of indefinite duration acknowledge that their amenity access cards will be deactivated after three (3) months, but may be renewed by a further assignment by the Owners. 

7. Owners and Tenants acknowledge that this document is subject to public review under Chapter, 119, Florida’s Public Records Laws. 


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