Monday September 1st
Labor Day 2014 Class Schedule

8:30am BODYPUMP™ w/Jeri Jo
9:30 am BODYVIVE™ w/Jeri Jo

These are the only classes offered this day.
Women's Defense Class

The Women's Defense Talk is a 60 minute interactive discussion about women's safety. This seminar covers crime issues facing women in today's society and simple steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of abduction, sexual assault or domestic violence. This informal discussion allows for group dialog and will introduce participants to at least one important defensive technique that could save their life. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about a simple, inexpensive and highly effective tool that is too important not to have.


  •  The Women's Defense Company is dedicated to providing effective and trusted self-defense tactics specifically for women. The company was formed to fill an important need of viable defensive skills for women. As attacks against men and women are often fundamentally different, so are the needed set of skills for defense. Our passion is to allow women to take personal safety into their own hands and join the many others who have increased their awareness, self-confidence, and defensive skill level.

  •  According to the Centers for Disease Control 1 in 5 women have been the victim of sexual assault and the FBI has surveys indicating 1 in 3.

  •  According to the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network, a sexual assault is committed every two minutes within this country and 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.


The Women's Defense Company was founded by Chris Oklevitch in 2012. Chris holds a Bachelor's of Art in Criminal Justice from the University of North Florida, is a certified Rape Aggression Defense Instructor, as well as a certified Keychain Defense Options Instructor with The National Academy of Defense Education. Chris formerly worked as a Reserve Police Officer for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, a Protection Officer for the Federal Reserve System, a Crime Analyst and Investigator within a Sex Abuse Unit for the Florida Department of Children and Families. Chris has spent many years studying and training in defensive tactics, including Krav Maga and Brazilian Jujitsu.


Contact Group Fitness Manager Jeri Jo Fox 904-821-3643 for more information.

Aug Group FItness

Printable August Fitness Schedule

Julington Creek Plantation is not responsible for your child during the time immediately before or after the advertised class time they are participating in. Parents are responsible for coordinating timely drop off and pick up for their child. If you drop your child off at the front of the recreation center it is your responsibility to make sure the child gets from the parking lot to the Group Fitness Studio and vice versa at the conclusion of class. The person responsible for each child’s transportation should be at Julington Creek at least 5 minutes prior to the end of the respective class. If someone other than yourself is going to pick up your child, please turn in a note to this effect to the instructor. If a parent does not show up after class the instructor will bring the child to the front desk. The instructor will attempt to contact parent to determine how the child is to get home.
Taekwondo Class
Body Vive
Thursdays at 5:30pm with Jeri Jo

BODYVIVE™ is the low-impact, whole body, cross-training workout that lets you choose just how hard you work.
It's ideal for those new to group fitness, those returning to exercise or rehabilitating after an injury, pre and postnatal mothers,
and active adults who want the benefits of improved cardio fitness, strength and flexibility.
Best of all, you're left fizzing with energy, so you can really take life on!

Duration Avg. Calorie Burn Exercise Type
Low to Moderate
Intensity Cardio,
Balance, Resistance & Core

BodyAttackBODYATTACK™ – is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina and for anyone who wants to get fit stay fit and get fitter. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. There are low impact options so you can enjoy the class regardless of your fitness level and the moves are simple so you do not have to be especially well coordinated. Come try this new program offered at JCPCDD – you’ll be glad you did!
  • Burn loads of calories
  • Tone and shape your body
  • Raise your overall fitness and stamina for high energy sports
  • Improve your coordination and agility
  • Develop strength through core conditioning work
  • Enhance your bone health and density
  • Increase your heart and lung capacity through a full-body cardio workout

BODYPUMPBODYPUMP™ is the fastest way to shape up and lose body fat. It’s a toning and conditioning class with weights and is for just about everybody who wants to add strength training into their aerobic workout. The simplicity of the class makes BODYPUMP™ a great starting point to develop strength and confidence. Hot sounds and compelling choreography keep you going through each 45-minute or one-hour workout. You’ll use a step platform, a bar and a set of weights.

If you’re new to weights-resistance exercise or you’re out of shape, you should start with light weights. After a few classes you’ll recognize the correct weight for you. If you’re unsure, ask your instructor.

Burn up to 600 calories per class for fat loss • Improve your strength • Improve your general fitness • Shape and tone your muscles • Improve your bone density (helps ward off osteoporosis) • Gives you a sense of achievement

Class Descriptions


BODYATTACK™ – is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina and for anyone who wants to get fit, stay fit and get fitter. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. There are low impact options so you can enjoy the class regardless of your fitness level and the moves are simple so you don’t have to be especially well-coordinated. You need a good pair of shoes for foot stability, a water bottle, a towel and a mat.

BODYPUMP™ – The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This type of endurance training is excellent for increasing lean body mass and improving muscle tone and definition – but without building bulk. Great music, energetic cues and coaching and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast!

BOOT CAMP – Multiple stations set up for full body workouts; 1 minute at each station with a quick transition between; Goal is to keep up an increased heart rate the entire hour. Each 1 hour workout includes compound movements utilizing the cardiovascular system and while training all major muscles in the body.

Cardio Kickbox - A high energy full body cardiovascular workout of high/low impact aerobics with punches, kicks and jabs (utilizing an actual bag; hand wraps are recommended). Relieve stress, trim your waistline, develop upper body definition and become a fitter you.

Cardio Step Interval - a class for all levels which uses the Reebok step and body weight training to challenge the cardiovascular system and work multiple muscles in the body.

CORE+MORE – Combining Yoga & Pilates concepts, this class will focus on CORE strength, muscular endurance, range of motion/flexibility and balance. ALL fitness levels are encouraged to attend as modifications will be demonstrated.

Cycling - Our group cycling classes will inspire you with guided imagery and specific music to challenge all fitness levels. Come climb mountains, sprint through the flats and burn calories with this great workout! (A water bottle and towel are necessary for this class.)***If you are new to cycling, please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class to receive proper instruction on set-up and technique.***

Fitness Yoga - is contemporary yoga designed to appeal to all levels of fitness enthusiasts. It combines the ancient Hatha Yoga practice with modern fitness movements and safety guidelines; it integrates the body & mind for total fitness performance; it emphasizes the fitness principles of strength, flexibility, balance, muscular endurance, core strength and injury prevention.

Gentle Yoga – A gentle approach to yoga filled with a variety of poses and modifications, that flow from one to another while being guided to focus on balance, breathing, alignment, posture, flexibility and range of motion; a great way to separate yourself from the everyday noise in your life. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. This class is great for anyone – from the beginner to the advanced ,including those with physical limitations. Please bring a mat.

Kripalu Yoga – Begins with an experiential approach to understanding the details of alignment and the coordination of breath while moving into and out of postures, holding postures for longer periods of time and flowing from one into the next posture; Stretches and tones muscles; Releases chronic tension; Improves circulation; Energizes and refreshes; Cultivates concentration; Supports mental clarity and confidence; Promotes Self-awareness; Invites deep stillness. Please bring a mat.

Multi-Level Yoga - Physical exercises designed to tone, strengthen and align the body through a variety of postures/poses. On the mental level, yoga uses breathing techniques and meditation to quiet, clarify and discipline the mind. All levels of yoga enthusiasts are welcome in this class! Please bring a mat.

Senior Fitness - Designed for senior participants starting an exercise regime for the first time and/or those returning to exercise. Half the class is spent doing low impact aerobics and balance work on your feet and the other half is spent either sitting down in a chair or on the mat on the floor combining upper & lower body conditioning, core, flexibility and cool down. Please bring a mat.

Yogalates –a blended class of power yoga and Pilates based exercises. This class will develop core strength, toning, flexibility and balance. Please bring a mat.

ZUMBA (Tone) – the Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow dance moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Work out, love working out and get hooked. You will experience an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, and awe-inspiring movements. Zumba Tone blends body-sculpting techniques (via small hand-held weights) and specific Zumba moves into one calorie-burning, strength-training class.

Yoga MatYoga MatNow in Effect!
 In an effort to remain health conscious, we will no longer be providing yoga/floor mats
on our fitness floor. Please make it a habit to bring your own or you can
purchase a yoga/floor mat downstairs at the front desk for a minimal fee.
Thanks for your understanding.