Property Owners Association

Julington Creek Plantation Property Owners Association consists of property owners in Julington Creek Plantation. (River Oaks Plantation property owners have their own River Oaks Plantation Association.)

Non-Profit Corporation

The Julington Creek Plantation Property Owners Association has legal status as a non-profit corporation. It operates under Chapter 720, Homeowner Associations of Florida Statute, and the Julington Creek Plantation Association Bylaws. It is responsible for overseeing community operations, maintenance of Property Owners Association common property, and homeowner adherence to covenants, regulations, and deed restrictions.

Board of Directors

The Property Owners Association Board consists of seven Directors. Directors are property owners in good standing in Julington Creek Plantation and are elected by their fellow Property Owners Association members at the Association’s Annual Meeting. Directors who serve on the Property Owners Association Board are not compensated.

They are assisted by other property owners who volunteer to serve on committees such as Grounds, Financial Review, Safety, Covenants Enforcement Hearing, or Architectural Review. Property Owner Association Board meetings are the second Wednesday of each month and are open to Julington Creek Plantation property owners. 


Both Boards choose their Directors/Supervisors via elections. Elected Board members serve for two years. Approximately half the seats on each Board are open during any given election. Any member in good standing may run for an open seat on one of the Boards. There are no term limits.